Euphoria Music & Camping Festival

April 2018 | Carson Creek Ranch, Austin — TX

Euphoria, a music & camping festival is returning for the 6th year on April 6-9, 2017 to Carson Creek Ranch in Austin, TX. #FindYourEuphoria

Dragonfly Initative Community Contests


What Is Euphoria

Welcome to our three part #WhatIsEuphoria Contest series!

Submit your entries here by November 13, 2016 (5PM CST) for a chance to win passes and have your stories featured online and at the festival Bonus: Share your entries on social media with #WhatIsEuphoria to increase your chances of winning!

Contest Rules

  • Must be 18+ to enter
  • No profanity, illegal or copyrighted material
  • Share your story on social media for more chances to win
  • Use hashtag #WhatIsEuphoria on social media to share
  • Winning entries will be featured on Euphoria's website, social channels and on-site at the festival

Prize Pack

  • (1) GA Ticket to Euphoria 2017 or Fly Life Upgrade
  • Swag Bag (Euphoria Merchandise)
  • Featured on Euphoria's website/social channels/on-site at festival

The name

If the Oxford English Dictionary called up the Euphoria family and asked for our help, we could certainly lend a hand. Joy, unity, art, community...There are infinite meanings to the name of our festival. Euphoria means the world to us, and we want to know what it means to all of you. Explain what "Euphoria" means to you, in your own words! Get creative and get defining.

WINNER: Nicholas Iacobucci

Euphoria. It's just one word but holds an infinite amount of meanings and these meanings can span cultures, religions, nations, and so much more. It's truly a hard concept to grasp, especially when you have wrestled with depression for nearly your entire life. To me, Euphoria is getting to dance with your friends, family, and even strangers without worry, and those smiles. Euphoria is to step out of your comfort zone and somehow a smile is still on your face. Euphoria is to try new experiences with an open mind and there's that smile again! Euphoria is to look around at nature in awe and smile. Euphoria is to smile and you smile because you're euphoric.

the symbol

You’ve seen the Euphoria logo on the back of t-shirts, stuck to laptops, on posters, and flying high on top of totems at the festival. Our symbol is simple and strong. The geometry is fun, the lines are clean and the colors are deep. To the Euphoria family, our symbol feels like home. We want to learn what the logo means to you. Does seeing the sign evoke a memory or feeling? Does it remind you of something special? Help us see what you see. 

WINNER: Mikaela Wegscheid

There is chaos in the lines that make up the triangle in Euphoria’s symbol. I feel that this chaos represents the uniqueness, individuality, and different walks of life of the people who are drawn to the festival. Despite our differences, as a community we vibe together into beautiful harmony which represents the crisp and clean triangle that is made up of the chaotic lines. The green circle around the triangle represents the magical world of Euphoria that is created by the community as soon as the festival starts. The symbol represents chaos creating perfect harmony.

the experience

Euphoria lasts all year long, but the weekend of the festival itself is the pinnacle. We celebrate individuality at Euphoria, and know that each of our friends who visit our festival experiences something different. What happens during the festival that makes this love last all year? Tell us what the Euphoria experience means to you. 


Euphoria 2013 was a life-changing experience for me. Not only was it my first festival since I moved to Austin; not only was it the only festival I have ever been to alone; but it was where I met my best friend. I remember sitting down at the Dragonfly Stage, feeling lonely in a new city, and there sitting next to me was this gorgeous woman swaying to the music. Immediately I turned, struck by her "euphoric" style, as I had to introduce myself. She had also just moved to Austin, and came alone. “I just came for the music” she stated, as had I. That was it. She has been my soulmate since that date, and every year as the Headliner of Euphoria plays to the crowd, we cry knowing that without this festival, we never would have found each other. I don’t know who I would be as a person without her in my life, and I will also have a special place in my heart for Euphoria since it gave me Becca. So what exactly is Euphoria? It’s home.