Euphoria Music & Camping Festival

April 2018 | Carson Creek Ranch, Austin — TX

Euphoria, a music & camping festival is returning for the 6th year on April 6-9, 2017 to Carson Creek Ranch in Austin, TX. #FindYourEuphoria

Stories From the Euphoria Fam

This was the first festival I had ever gone to by myself. I was nervous about spending the duration of my time alone. As it turns out, that was impossible. I made a meaningful connection with every person I interacted with from the second I got dropped off to right before I flew home. The Lyft driver even hugged me goodbye at the airport. The reason I can’t stay away from this festival is because of the pull it has on me. It creates a sense of community, love, and acceptance that as a society we truly are lacking. Euphoria is my escape to a utopian planet where hugs are the preferred form of currency. It gives me hope in this world. It leaves me radiating positive energy, spreading to all those I come across. If everybody could experience this...this miracle, I truly believe we could change the world. I love you all so much!
— #FindYourEuphoria Fam Story
I loved waking up every morning to the sound of amazing music in the distance, knowing that at anytime I could walk down the hill and experience the DJs. Making new friends with my neighboring campers was heartwarming. Everyone was so open, helpful, and full of love. Absolutely a wonderful experience, and not to mention the DJs were off the hook!! I can’t even pick my favorite set! Too many to choose from! Thank you Euphoria!! I ❤️ You
— #FindYourEuphoria Fam Story
I thought I found my Euphoria last year when my girlfriend and I camped together for the very first time. Boy, was I wrong. A year later, we’ve been to countless festivals and shows, we’ve traveled, and we got married. Euphoria 2016 was our first festival as a married couple! Standing in her arms as Above and Beyond played “A Thing Called Love,” the song I proposed to during EDC Las Vegas, I couldn’t help but tear up. A lot changed in a year, yet here we were with the same friends, on the same ground, experiencing our favorite artists at our favorite festival. That’s when I knew that I had truly found MY Euphoria.
— #FindYourEuphoria Fam Story
Saturday night I wandered from my campsite and found myself at the front of the stage at the silent disco. I found a group of people dancing at the same level of insanity that I was, and after an hour or so of wiggling we all took our earphones off to chat. Chatting turned into uncontrollable laughter when we all realized as a group that not one of us knew each other before that dance sesh, although all of us thought the others did. Spent the rest of that night, and the following night dancing and laughing with this squad. :)

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