Bus To Show (From Colorado, Kansas, Dallas & Lubbock)

Coming in from out of state? Check out our shuttle options from Colorado and Kansas. Notice that the Colorado bus stops in Lubbock, and the 

Kansas bus stops in Dallas. Both out of state shuttles leave on Thursday, April 24th. Find further information and reserve your seat here:

Click this link for Bus to Show


1. Colorado > Euphoria Music & Camping Festival
   (Fort Collins > Boulder > Denver > Lubbock > Austin)

2. Kansas > Euphoria Music & Camping Festival
   (Kansas City > Lawrence > Dallas > Austin)



Want a safe, sober ride to Euphoria? Check out our shuttle options from Austin to Euphoria. With three different departure times and multiple return trips, there are many options available so you can travel safely. The Austin>Euphoria buses leave behind the Mellow Mushroom on the Drag, and drop off at both downtown and West Campus for the return trip. Find further information and reserve your seat here:

Austin > Euphoria Departure Times  

Return shuttles begin at 12:30am. Last call will be 2:30am.


FREE SHUTTLES from San Marcos

Party Bus


I Am San Marcos is now providing a FREE PARTY BUS RIDE to people who dont want to camp at Euphoria, it will be on a first come first serve basis. You must have purchased a ticket and RSVP’d for the bus.



Ricky Rides (Rideshares)

RickyRides offers its users a comprehensive, interactive and Google Maps integrated web application as a cost-free solution to this problem. The application was initially created to connect festival attendees searching tirelessly for carpools online, while reducing the amount of harmful pollutants entering the atmosphere. With the user input option, RickyRides can be used to find transportation to virtually any event worldwide.



Music Festival Nation (Rideshares)

Use MNF‘s rideshare to find a ride or give someone a ride. It is a great way to carpool and meet some new friends. Just look for the green rideshare button.